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Thirty-three years after the untimely death, August 16, 1977 the secrets surrounding Elvis' autopsy is still to be laid to rest. Several year ago, the Shelby County Commission filed a lawsuit in Nashville, Tennessee asking the court to re-open the county medical examiner's 1977 autopsy report on Elvis Aaron Presley

The coroner, Jerry Francisco assisted by Dr Eric Muirhead and Dr Noel Florrendo were in charge of the 3-hour autopsy. They ruled that Elvis death was the result of coronary arrhythmia - an irregular beating of the heart resulting from hypertensive heart disease. Initially the team of Medical Examiners told the public that Elvis Presley's death had been due to a massive heart attack. Their motive for the cover-up, they have since admitted, was not to tarnish the [Elvis] image by a scandal of a drug habit... 

For years now the battle of whether or not drugs was the only cause of death had been raging. However, till now the state medical examiner refused to be part of the gossip mongering. At the heart of the matter is a long-standing feud between Commissioner, Vasco Smith whose wife Maxine is executive director of the NAACP in Memphis and Dr Jerry Francisco the medical examiner who performed the autopsy on Elvis Presley and signed the death certificate. In response to the Maxine Smith's demands, Dr Francisco stated, The autopsy on Elvis Presley was performed under strict medical conditions.

 "We are not subjected to any family pressure to limit our investigation.
It was a routine autopsy to discover the cause of death.
We did what was necessary with the procedures that were available at the time."

Although Elvis' major organs such as his brain and heart are still in storage at the Baptist Memorial Hospital in Memphis, Dr Francisco believes that any further investigation and post-mortem analyses would not reveal any revelations surround the cause of death. In 1977 when Elvis' father Vernon Presley received the news that a cocktail of drugs prescribed by Dr George Nichopoulos had been the root cause of death, he panicked and bribed officials to keep the document a secret.  Vernon who died of heart failure, June 26 1979 can no longer bear witness to the cover-up.

However, his widow Dee Presley, who became Elvis' stepmother in 1960 says she sighted the autopsy papers and sided with her husband in his desire to keep Elvis' legacy in tact.  Applaud by these events. Graceland and the Presley family members see this feud and an autopsy investigation as using Elvis as a catalyst for scandalous gossip at it's ugliest. CEO, Jack Soden and the board members of Elvis Presley Enterprises Inc which includes Priscilla Presley and Lisa Marie will keep a watchful eye on the proceedings and use all their power to over-rule any court action in regards to the matter of exhuming Elvis Presley's body. "We see this as in infringement and a sacrilege of the Elvis Presley legacy. We will take this matter to the High Court if necessary
"Elvis to be Exhumed?" UPDATE 27 MARCH 2007
A suit filed in the Superior Court of Tennessee may permit the exhumation of the late King of Rock and Roll Elvis Presley. The suit (docket # 06-08 38116) has been filed anonymously by a couple in Germantown TN in order to see if that is Elvis who is buried in the Meditation Garden at Graceland. The couple has retained famed lawyer F. Lee Bailey to represent their case. The suit contends that the public may not have been told the truth due to the suspicious nature of the circumstances surrounding the death of one of the world's greatest entertainers. In an interview on the Larry King Show Mr. Bailey said, "We all know about the 900 pound casket and the supposed air conditioning unit, but what about all the other variables.
Elvis Exhumed - Elvis Presley Coffin
Elvis' personal physician Dr Nick reveals the true cause of death
 in his book The King and Dr. Nick | Elvis Death | Elvis Cause of Death
"For example, Mr. Bailey continued, there was a large sum of money transferred from the Memphis Bank and Trust which we all know handled Elvis' assets, in early August of 1977, to a bank in the state of Michigan. We have employees of the bank, who after years of silence, are coming forward to support this claim. The fact that it was Michigan is relevant because of the tremendous number of sightings of Elvis in Michigan".

When pressed by Larry King for more Mr. Bailey continued. "Larry, we have very credible evidence from a former IRS agent and of course at this time we can't give his name, that Elvis Presley and not the Elvis Presley Estate has been paying income taxes since 1977. This former agent had access to returns of celebrities and very rich people and came across this highly sensitive and classified material inadvertently" F. Lee Bailey who achieved notoriety in the 1950's defending Sam Sheppard and then in the 1990's with O. J. Simpson continued."
Larry that last picture of Elvis that his cousin took for the National Enquirer looks more like Elvis in his 20s. We have subpoenaed the Enquirer for the negative, in order to run a neutron activation analysis in order to determine the makeup of the object in the photograph". "Larry, if you add up the numbers of Elvis' death date 8-16-1977it totals 2001. His theme song was 2001 Space Odyssey. I'd say that in itself is an odyssey". Mr. Bailey then stated, "The US Mail continues to deliver all of Elvis' mail to Graceland and not one single letter has ever been Returned to Sender. What does that tell you Larry? Larry they said we didn't have a chance defending O.J. and look what happened. Johnnie Cochran said, "If it doesn't fit, you must acquit". Larry, I'm no Johnnie Cochran but I will leave you with this, "If we can debunk all this jive.....   I'd say there is a good chance that Elvis is alive!"

Elvis Presley secrets: King of making love?

Had he lived, Elvis would have had 75 candles on his hunk-a-hunk of birthday cake today. And there’s still something about those eyes, those lips, those hips that we can’t help falling in love with. “Elvis the Pelvis” melted more hearts – and underthings – than anyone imagined. Alanna Nash’s just-released book, Baby, Let’s Play House: Elvis Presley and the Women Who Loved Him – its title aptly borrowed from Elvis’ hit of the same name – moves to a rockin’ beat. New girls slip between his satin sheets on nearly every page. It’s adorned with armchair analysis of his creepily close relationship with his mama Gladys and his lifelong attempts to find a replacement for his stillborn twin. Combine all that with an absorbing snapshot section, and its 600+ pages will leave you all shook up.
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But the book’s most steamy revelations are Elvis’ predilections in the bedroom. Here are just a few of the King of Rock ‘n Roll’s sex secrets, as revealed in Baby, Let’s Play House:
Elvis frequently preferred foreplay to intercourse.
When he was just 19, girls began lining up outside Elvis’ motel rooms. While he bragged of bedding many gals at once, “sometimes he was content with a pillow fight. Because he feared getting a girl pregnant… he held to dry-humping as long as he could, both he and the girl keeping their clothes on but getting the rush all the same.”
Later, Nash speculates that if Priscilla and Elvis didn’t exactly consummate their relationship before marriage (this point is up for debate), they “did not have full-out sex…because Elvis was content with the foreplay he preferred to intercourse.”
Elvis liked finger sucking, strippers and nipples!
Upon meeting showgirl Gloria Pall in Vegas, writes Nash, “he proceeded to take Gloria’s right hand and suck each of her fingers, rotating his tongue around them one by one.” Gloria quipped, “Where did you learn to shake hands like that?”
Twenty-year-old Elvis also picked up moves from 17-year-old burlesque dancer Tura Satana: “Elvis was fascinated by the way Tura moved her body, the way she held the lubricated sailors as sexual hostages. He saw how she tantalized them…and how they lost their minds when she rolled her breasts around in his hands, spinning the little twirlers at the nipples.”

Elvis was over the moon for underage girls.
Fourteen-year-old Priscilla wasn’t the only teen girl to tickle his fancy – Elvis seemed unable to stop himself around young girls. According to the book, Elvis told his pal Joe Esposito about young Priscilla, “She’s a beautiful girl. I wouldn’t lay a hand on her. But to have her sit on your face!” He also loved the fact that 14-year-old ‘Cilla was “young enough that I can train her any way I want.” Elvis met Kay Wheeler, the teenage president of his fan club, in 1956. Instead of shaking her hand, he felt her up and then quipped to a group of reporters, “Why buy the cow when you can milk it through the fence?”
Someone call child protective services!
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Elvis was down with going down – as long as things were squeaky clean.
“He loved oral sex for himself,” burlesque dancer Tura reveals, describing the way she meticulously bathed herself and him before any, ahem, activities: “He wasn’t very aggressive for the female, but he would try if I wanted.”
By the time 1974 rolled around and Elvis met 21-year-old Sheila Ryan in Vegas, he loved giving oral sex – as long as she didn’t have any “natural odor.”
“He would start at my ankles and then go up,” she remembers in the book. “All of his shyness went right out the window. He made jokes, and he would come up and look me straight in the eye.”
Elvis wasn’t down with protection – or underwear.
Tura recounts that Elvis would only use the early withdrawal method of birth control, despite her warnings. The book also claims Elvis rarely wore underwear and that “Little Elvis” would come out to play on film sets when he was aroused during dance numbers.
Elvis WAS down with voyeurism and “adult entertainment.”

According to the book, Elvis had an enormous mirror installed in a poolside cabana so he could watch female guests changing into their bathing suits. He also commissioned Alan Fortas to have soft porn films made for him, often starring girls wearing white cotton panties.
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Elvis had a mating dance.
According to Sheila Ryan, “He did this little dance,” before sex, because he was shy about intercourse. “It was the ‘We’re going to do it dance,’ his little mating call.”
Elvis was a superstar smoocher.
Sandy Ferra, who met Elvis when she was 14 and danced in a number of films, tells Nash, “I tell my husband he’s the best husband, but Elvis was the best kisser.”
And June Juanico, one of his early flings, describes meeting Elvis in 1955 after a show in Biloxi. She was 17. He was – according to June, as quoted in the book – a darn good kisser.
“Soft, full lips. Nothing too sloppy. Oh! It was just marvelous.” Like many of the other women in Elvis’ lives, June held a candle for him until the day he died. “In my heart, I always thought that Elvis and I would be together again, somewhere down the road.”
Whether you think he was a hound dog or a puppy dog, it’s hard not to keep dreaming about the King.

New book "Baby, Let’s Play House" explores the King of Rock 'n' Roll's love life.
- Carrie Seim, BettyConfidential.com